How you may feel

  • If you are caring for someone who has bronchiectasis it may at times be physically and emotionally demanding. Having support yourself is important. This may be from other family members or friends, or from the healthcare team. Your GP can also offer advice and support.
  • The British Lung Foundation and Carers UK can also offer advice.
  • You are not alone, and there are other people who have similar experiences. Sometimes hearing about how they have coped can be useful.

Some quotes from carers involved in our research:

"I try to reassure her to say, “You know, it’s not as bad as that, try and be a bit more positive." David, 63, carer
"I think the hard thing is not just the emotional side of things for the patient, it’s also for the family." William, 64, patient
"I just worry when he’s ill, that’s when I worry and I know when he’s not right, I can tell." Vera, carer
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