What is wrong with my lungs?

  • Bronchiectasis is a long term condition affecting the airway tubes (bronchi and bronchioles). The airway tubes have become damaged and widened due to inflammation, and can develop 'pockets' probably due to both scarring and weakness around the airway. These 'pockets' in the airways mean that mucus gets trapped. The trapped mucus doesn't get removed as quickly as usual and this allows bugs that land in the lung to stay down in the lungs. Once the bugs grow to a certain level a chest infection or flare up occurs.
  • In summary the airways are widened and inflamed leaving thick mucus that gets trapped in the lung making you prone to infection. As there is a bit of scarring round the airways the condition cannot be cured, but it is very treatable.

what is worng with my lungs replacement image.jpgLungs.jpg

Image courtesy of National Heart Lung and Blood Institute


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