Patient experiences

  • In a research study, people who are living with bronchiectasis have said that they find it useful and reassuring to hear that others have gone through what they are going through. Below you will find quotes and videos from others.

  • Remember you are not alone, and there ways that bronchiectasis can be managed.

You may find it helpful to watch these videos about other people’s experiences.

"Well, I am living proof that you can live with it a long time. Everybody is different, but I've lived with it and managed it and I'm still here. It's not all doom and gloom, it really isn't." Sidney, 69.

“And it’s absolutely fantastic, the difference it’s made to me. It is a nuisance, the nebuliser, yes. But, my quality of life has changed … When it was recommended I use it and I will find the benefits of it, I was all doom and gloom…I was shocked, I was in horror about it. But it was because of ignorance, I thought that was the end, but it hasn’t been. You know it’s a pain, it takes an hour of your day up. But you are gaining the benefits.” Mavis, 62

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