How you can help

  • Often family members and friends are acting as ‘carers’ without realising. If you provide support to someone who could not manage without this help, then you may be classed as a ‘carer’.
  • Caring for someone with bronchiectasis will vary depending on their specific needs, but at times this can be physically and emotionally difficult. Often people with bronchiectasis may not have any care needs at all.
  • Things you may be able to help with include medications such as nebulisers which require washing after every use, or sometimes home IV antibiotics. You may also provide practical support with things that are now difficult to do alone, or simply emotional support. You may find that you can help with self-management, as you may be the first one to recognise signs of a chest infection for example.
  • If you are a carer, having support from family members, friends and also the healthcare team is essential.

You may be entitled to support or benefits and you can ask your GP about this. 

The British Lung Foundation offer advice for carers and families.
Carers UK can also offer advice to carers

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